Combination Email Newsletter & Blog Can Bypass Social Media

If your business uses social media to connect with your customers you could be one post away from being shut down by big tech.  The big social media companies don't need to justify their actions to anyone.  Using our integrated Email Newsletter and Blog solutions can work well with social media, but can also work independently from it.  If a social media algorithm determined your business violated the "policy of the day", you can still stay connected to all of your customers.  Your newsletters are automatically posted to yor blog.  Unlike a social media post, each blog post is searchable by the search engines.  So anyone can gain access to your blog post by doing a relevant search on-line.  The blog itself is also searchable providing real staying power.   Most importantly, your business is in total control of your on-line communications.

What's Included?

  • 20,000 newsletter emails a month with 100% content control, no censoring and easily shared on social media.
  • Provide a basic newsletter template with customer provided content and layout
  • Import one subscriber list in provided Excel format with no clean up
  • (each additional list is $25.00)
  • Training for up to two users
  • Newsletter analytics review & training (5 day history)
  • Newsletter phone support
  • Link to Newsletter sign-up form (for websites we didn’t build) to a URL matching your website.
  • Blog with training, support and a link to the blog URL (for websites we didn’t built) that matched your website
  • Blog can be easily shared on social media and integrated with the newsletter