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Introduction Blurb:   Are your emails overflowing with junk mail and spam?   Is your schedule an unorganized mess and meetings overlapping?

Let us help you! For a fraction of the cost to hire an assistant We are here JUST FOR YOU. Let us help you get organized, and never miss an important email or meeting again.

The cost for a full-time personal assistant is on average $4000 a month. What if we tell you that you can get the exact same services with no wasted time, and customized for your specific business and personal needs for only $1600 a month?  That is a 60% discount!!!

Our executive assistants are professional and know how to safely deal with your information without compromising your legal rights and privacy. Our assistants are 100% virtual. No purchase of equipment or office overhead!! We offer a wide range of professional as well as personal assistant services that can get you organized, so that running your business can be your focus while we help keep things organized and running smoothly in the background. Check out subscription services as well as our AD HOC tasks that may need that special touch. 

All plans are set monthly. Subscription tiers are as follows:

Chief Operating Officer plan

20 hours a month ($800)

This subscription is for Email and Schedule management. We will clean up, organize your emails, and be available to schedule appointments during working hours for a total of 1 hour a day.  An additional 5 hours would be added to first month for initial setup and cleaning of inbox.

Chief Financial Officer plan

40 hours a month ($1520) (most popular plan).

This subscription plan includes all the benefits of the COO plan as well as spreadsheet creation, invoicing, research, and data entry. We will be available during working hours for a total of 2 hours a day.

Chief Executive Office plan

60 Hours a month ($2,100) our best offer for your money.

This subscription plan includes all benefits of the COO and CFO plan as well as, all Google suites and Microsoft 365 platform creation. Social media management, digital filing, document creation, clean-up, and proof reading. We will be available for 3 hours a day. With this option you will also be able to contact your assistant by means of your preferred means of communication and have access to your assistant for any emergency issues, or weekend tasks.


AD HOC: All ad hoc tasks can be added to any subscription on a need to need and month to month basis for an extra hourly fee.

SOCIAL MEDIA AD HOC: $185.00 a month.

Can be added to the COO or CFO to include 2-3 social media posts per month (with image or video creation) to all your social media platforms.