About Us

In 2013 the President of Dollar a Day Websites & Marketing, Paul Buisson, started his company to offer small businesses quality, cost-efficient websites, and internet marketing.  Before opening his own business, Paul was a top salesman for one of the largest national companies in this industry.  The idea of selling high value websites and internet marketing services at a reasonable price point is unique.  We have no contracts and everyone in the company speaks American English.

Paul recruited a few other top marketing professionals from his old employer and now the company serves customers in over 100 cities and towns in the USA and Canada.   Profits were reinvested into the company to develop additional quality services at below-market pricing.  Dollar a Day Websites & Marketing enjoys leveling the playing field for small businesses.   If you have any questions, complete the form or call us at 769-798-6761.

Mission Statement

To earn our client’s business month-to-month while providing personal hands-on service and putting the best value possible on the table for our customers.

Anatomy of our Logo

“Dollar a Day” is in reference to our cost-effectiveness, you can have an on-line presence with us for as little as $1.00 a day.

The outer red box with the caret on the right side: that box is rotated 30 degrees forward.  Imagine that is a control knob for your costs and we are turning your cost of online operations down by 30% while moving in a forward manner.

The blue dollar sign: yes, the name is a dollar a day, but look closer, at the center of that symbol is a Cross.  We do our best to conduct ourselves in our Savior’s example to handle situations in a Christ-guided manner.

Color-scheme: red and blue, we are completely U.S. based and intend to stay that way, when you call us, you get a live person whom English is their first language.