Internet Marketing Services

Today’s only viable medium that directs people to businesses offering the goods & services they are looking for.

Benefits to using Dollar a Day Websites & Marketing

The Internet Marketing Process

Only show your ads to people that are actively searching for what your business offers.  You can control where and when your ads are shown.  When a prospect clicks on your ad they will immediately land on your website to view more information about what they want. 

☑ No Contracts

☑ Campaigns as low as $400 a month

☑ 100% American English-speaking staff

☑ Target areas to the nearest mile

☑ Can bundle different ad types into a shared budget

☑ Changes can be made each month or paused completely

☑ Ad views (impressions) are free

☑ Only pay when someone clicks on your ad and visits your website

☑ Unlimited relevant search terms are available

☑ Campaigns can run at designated days and times

☑ Remarketing campaigns can track the people that have recently visited your website

☑ Simple one page traffic reports are provided each month

Determine What to Promote

Goods and services with a healthy profit margin must be selected to have a successful internet marketing campaign.  If you have a competitive advantage or high demand good or service your success will be more likely.

Determine Who to Target

One or more geographic areas can be targeted for each marketing campaign.  You can select an address with a radius to the nearest mile, a zip code, county, city, state or country.  Then the search terms that people will use to find what you are offering will need to be identified.

Design Your Content

Your message must be clear, brief and compel prospects to visit your website to find out more information.  Full color digital display ads appear on the Google network, text ads are shown on the Google search engine, interactive ads can appear on mobile phones and other locations while video ads are shown on YouTube.  A combination of these ads can be used to communicate your message.

Review the Designs

Do the designs communicate your message?

Make Ad Adjustments

Verify the images and text in all of your ads are communicating the proper message.

Approve the Ads

Give final approval on all of your ads.


Your campaigns go live and drive targeted customers to your website.  Each month a detailed report of your campaigns will be provided.  Adjustments to spending, location and campaigns can me made.  Some seasonal businesses may pause campaigns until the next season begins.